Mount Bierstadt (14,060′)

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Distance 9.42 miles Moving Time 3 hr 24 min Summit Elevation 14,060 feet Elevation Gain 4,334 feet Route Guanella Pass Beep. Beep. Beep. Its 2:30 AM and my alarm is going off. Time to go and climb! On today’s agenda, Mount Bierstadt. This 14,060 foot mountain sits just outside of Denver behind the more famous Mount Evans. I want to … Read More


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I kept seeing all these books all the time on Sudoku. What the hell is it? So the other day while I was out eating by myself when the family was gone, I took the paper and there was a Sudoku puzzle. Let me see what this is all about. I hate crosswords — because I suck. This kinda looks … Read More

Dental Decisions

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Knock on wood…my health has always been good. Never had any surgeries. Never broken anything. Never had any cavities…until last week. I have gotten virtual A+ scores at the dentist forever. I floss every day. Use my Sonicare. Good teeth boy. So our dentist sold his practice and I went in last week for my first cleaning under new management. … Read More

Why My Ass Hurts Lately

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I have been contemplating this move for about a year. After reading a recent issue of Runner’s World, I decided I had to pull the trigger. The article talked about how running every day won’t gain you speed because your legs get too beat up. They talked about moving more towards a triathlon training model (swim, bike, run) to rotate … Read More