Huron Peak (14,003′)

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Distance 7.04 miles
Moving Time 2 hr 49 min
Summit Elevation 14,003 feet
Elevation Gain 3,991 feet
Route South Winfield Trailhead 4WD
GPS Export GPX
GPS Analysis Strava

Rise and shine! Time to go up high again. I get the honor of going with B2 again. Turns out she hasn’t done Huron yet. Can’t let me get an edge on her — or she just likes my company? Hmmm. I woke up at 2:30 AM to go. This range is out there a bit. After the long drive, we finally were hiking atl 6:15 AM. We left from the South Winfield Trailhead — but we took the 4WD road to the end in order to cut off 2 miles each way. Ah, the trailhead sign.


Sun was coming up over the mountains in the east as we started up. Quite the forest down here. I hate hiking in trees. You can’t see any of the surroundings and they kill the breeze.


Coming into mid-11,000 foot range and the freaking trees are still here. Usually they cut off by now. Starting to see some good stuff in the distance.


At about 12,000 feet we cleared the trees and Huron unveiled itself to us. The route we are taking is that left-hand ridge line.


Taking a quick breather up in the tundra. Elevation is gaining quickly so we took a few more quick breathers. Still no one is passing us and we are catching the folks up ahead.


I forgot to snap a picture of all the stairs through the tundra. Lots of rock steps to get up the side of the big rolling hills. Good challenge. Once we got up those, the final ridge line was ready for climbing. This piece here is the same piece as the bottom left of the picture where I pointed out the ridge line. There is a fellow hiker on the right side in the distance — look for the black dot.


From there, its class 2 to the top. Lots of rock. Step up. Step up. Some short sections with mostly dirt and a few buried rocks for traction. We humped up this part pretty good ticking off the elevation. Then we arrived! Huron is the 2nd smallest 14er in Colorado but its definitely not shabby. B2 does her pose. Thinking man? I mean chic?


My turn. To my back is the south.


I told B2 my smile was goofy. Oh well. To my back is the north. The highest peak in the right-middle is Mount Elbert. La Plata is off my left shoulder. Going there soon.


Everyone gets to the top…even doggies!


Random shots from the summit. Thought these looked good.


B2 going down ahead of me in her beautiful blue hat.


B2 said get out your camera and made me take this shot. Good eye. The lighting is pretty cool. Clouds look surreal.


Back down into the tundra and heading back into the trees. That was pretty much a record speed climb for us. Pretty short. We booked up and down. B2 thinks I am obsessive about our time. Maybe.


On the way out, we grabbed a shot of one of the old Winfield cabins with Huron in the background. This is a ghost town now but it used to be one of those old mining towns I guess. They have a small museum if you are in the neighborhood. We didn’t stop. Too busy trying to get back to Leadville to get a Belly Buster Burger at Wild Bill’s! Ye-hah!


14er #6 done. 47 to go. Fuck, that’s a lot. The Mount Massive Traverse is next…