A Day in the Life4 Comments

I kept seeing all these books all the time on Sudoku. What the hell is it? So the other day while I was out eating by myself when the family was gone, I took the paper and there was a Sudoku puzzle. Let me see what this is all about. I hate crosswords — because I suck. This kinda looks like that but with numbers. But wait, its all logic based. Me like. I didn’t do so well on the first pass in the paper because I didn’t understand the rules really. They are simple but I didn’t know how to play – pencil marks, hidden pairs, etc. So now I am getting the hang of it but I hate doing it in the paper. So messy. I bought a cool version for my Treo and that one rocks. You can cheat, get hints, etc. I don’t do it unless I need to but its more fun because its all clean and pretty. I can quickly blow 15 minutes or more just sitting there playing a game. Trying to get better and faster. Anyone else into this?