Dental Decisions

A Day in the Life7 Comments

Knock on wood…my health has always been good. Never had any surgeries. Never broken anything. Never had any cavities…until last week. I have gotten virtual A+ scores at the dentist forever. I floss every day. Use my Sonicare. Good teeth boy. So our dentist sold his practice and I went in last week for my first cleaning under new management. Same hygienist. Nothing new there. Everything looks great. Doctor will be in with you in a sec. Doc comes in. Checks a bunch of stuff. Everything is good. Then he takes the instrument with the picks on the ends and start pressing down into my teeth. It is a pretty sharp and thin point and he was pressing pretty hard. A minute later he starts talking in dentist code about tooth # 15 (or something) and some other big words. Huh? I said. “Looks like you have two small cavity pockets”, he said. “We will just fix them both at the same time.” Or he might have said something else because when he said cavity — I was like whatch you talkn’ about Willis? I left kinda stunned. I know everybody has cavities and fillings — but not me…at least not yet.

So I am kinda freaked out. Did my previous doc miss them? Did they just sneak in there over the last 6 month since the check up? I didn’t change anything big in what I do. How come now? The only thing that is new is the doctor as I can see it. So are some docs more aggressive? Guess I am just wondering if there are any other experiences like this out there. Kinda freaked about somebody drilling in my teeth although its probably no big deal.