Huron Peak (14,003′)

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Distance 7.04 miles Moving Time 2 hr 49 min Summit Elevation 14,003 feet Elevation Gain 3,991 feet Route South Winfield Trailhead 4WD GPS Export GPX GPS Analysis Strava Rise and shine! Time to go up high again. I get the honor of going with B2 again. Turns out she hasn’t done Huron yet. Can’t let me get an edge on … Read More

Teeth Are Fixed

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I went in to the dentist this morning. Had the 2 cavities filled. A shot of some pain killer in my jaw and I felt nothing. Drill, grind, sand, fill, and polish. About 30 minutes later, everything was done. My mouth is still numb so I can’t tell how its going to be yet. I can’t even see the fillings … Read More

No More Soda?

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After getting tired of trying to fill the CamelBak from the fridge dispenser, we got a water service. Its cold from the tap all the time and quick to fill any container. I used to think the fridge was convenient but this is 10x more. So you go for water all the time because its easy. So since getting this … Read More