Longmont Sunrise Stampede 2006

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Distance 10K
Time 51:23 (PR)
Pace 8:17
Number of Runners 500
GPS Analysis MotionBased

This past weekend I competed in the Sunrise Stampede, the local Longmont 10k. I trained pretty well for this I thought. 3 or 4 days a week. However, I hurt my leg 3 weeks ago so that cut into my runs.

I have been pacing here at a few 7s, but mostly 8-9. I went out on the first mile of the race and looked down and I was 6:52…oops. I guess the pack gets you moving. I blew up on mile 2 as if I just completed a sprint. I had to take the next 2 miles easy to recover and get my heart rate back down. Then I kept steadily decreasing my time until I was high 7s on finish.

I placed 182nd out of 505 finishers in a time of 51:23 for a pace of 8:17 per mile. Out of 303 men I finished 142nd. The winning time for men was 30:52. For 30 to 34 year old men, I was 25th out of 34 finishers. The winning time for this division was 30:52.

It was a tough race. Its small so it doesn’t attract a lot of the random runners so everyone out there is pretty serious.