NIN @ Red Rocks

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Nine Inch Nails was here last fall. That was a great show. Then I hear they are coming back to town? What could be better? Its at Red Rocks! Red Rocks is such a great venue. I think you could almost bear to see a crappy band there because its a beautiful scene.


I waited for NIN to come out from the upper balcony area. Gives you a good view of the 200-mile panorama that you get to watch the sun set on during the show.


I was back a bit further than usual so I didn’t get any up close pictures. I was on the front line fence last fall so it was OK to sit back for once.


The coolest edition to the stage was this cage-like deal. They had this metal looking thing they lowered across the front of the stage. It sort of looked like one of those doors they pull down to close a store at the mall. They played the first song from behind it as if the band was crazy and they had to keep us separated. Then as it darkened we learned why this was even cooler — the whole thing was a video screen. There was a full normal video screen behind the stage and then you had this one at the front of the stage. It was kinda see through because of the nature of the screen. At one point they were showing smoke and then lava on the screens. It looked like the band was sort of in this 3-D lava field because it was bubbling in front and in back. When the show ended, they put up the NIN banner for us to remember.