NIN @ Red Rocks

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Nine Inch Nails was here last fall. That was a great show. Then I hear they are coming back to town? What could be better? Its at Red Rocks! Red Rocks is such a great venue. I think you could almost bear to see a crappy band there because its a beautiful scene. I waited for NIN to come out … Read More

Lions, Tigers, And Bears…Oh My!

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We took the kids out to The Wild Animal Sanctuary by our house. This guy has taken in about 155 different animals including lions, bears, tigers, panthers and more. Most of these animals were confiscated by the law from people that illegally kept them as pets. We saw one lion that lived in a Denver garage for months. The lady … Read More

Water Theft

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Got a call today about lack of water pressure. After an eyewitness report, I went out and found that some folks were jacking our water! In our neighborhood, we (all the homes) pay for the water that comes into our homes and out of the hydrants. We are our own water company, so to speak. So these guys were filling … Read More

In The Dark

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I just put up some black out blinds in my office behind my normal blinds. Now, my office is pitch black and I have to put on some low mood lighting to work. I love it!

Training Toys

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Weather is warm. I am still fat (fatter than I would like). Got a new toy to measure my progress on runs. I need to get my speed and distance up over the course of the summer. It gets too easy to keep the same pace for weeks and weeks. So I got one of these awesome Garmin Forerunners. Its … Read More