Oxygen Production

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Its been almost a month since we redid the fish tank with the new plant system. Had one leak in the system during that time. I called the distributor. They routed me to a guy in the adjacent area code. Turns out he is 15 minutes from my house. So I drove the part up there and showed him the … Read More

Look At My Shaft

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We had a new pump installed in our community pump house today. This is probably our/my biggest HOA accomplishment to date. We had to raise about $40K to do this project. The pump shaft is taller than the damn building it goes in. You can see the shaft went all the way down into the ground. You can see the … Read More

My New Server

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Well, after the successful test run with my Exchange server setup, I decided to call Dell and buy a new server to become the permanent fixture in my home IT infrastructure. Pictured on the right, I picked up a Dell PowerEdge 830 with a dual core, 2 GB of RAM, and three 250 GB hard drives. Its pretty quick! I … Read More

Korn @ Magness Arena

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Snowy night in Denver. Sat in traffic forever to get into the arena. Magness Arena, do something about the parking! Anyway, I made it in just as Mudvayne was finishing up. Move forward. The mic stand is unveiled. Crowd loves it. They played a few classics with the curtains right around the drums. Then they opened up and showed a … Read More