Unsticking B2 In The H2

Hummer1 Comment

I have always been embarrassed about that time I got my family stuck in the snow. So today I was working away and got a call from B2 (Becky) telling me that she was stuck and couldn’t get out. Since you don’t know B2, I will just say that she is very adventurous. This is a girl that gets strangers to pay her to drag them up tall mountains in the middle of the night and not kill them.

Anyway, so Becky was out on an adventure today when she got her truck turned on a snowy trail. Man, I hate trucks and snow. Its brutal how they sink and you are just screwed so instantly. I drove out to where she was and crawled up the trail. The snow was pretty wet. The middle wasn’t bad but anything off the center of the trail and you sink…and the H2 likes to sink.


I ended up burying a back tire on the way up. We winched my truck out of there and up a bit but it wasn’t going to be easy to get all the way to Becky. So since I had brought all my rigging gear, I started connecting all the lines together. 150′ of winch line + 2 long tow straps + 1 short tow strap + 1 chain made it. So I hooked into her hitch and was able to give her enough pull to get the truck out so she could back down the trail.


We made it out and everyone was safe with no damage. So now I repaid my debt to the magic karma pool for when the random guy helped get me out.