Bristol: Froze My Ass Off

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Time for the big race. No snow predicted for today so it should be better, right? No! Its freezing cold. No sun and some wind don’t add up to good spectator conditions. I have no clue how the Green Bay Packer fans (or other cold weather teams) do it. It was a nice muddy walk up to the track through the campground.


Bristol – meeting place for 160,000 crazy NASCAR fans!


Not an empty seat. Everyone is bundled up and trying to get through the race. Most are just drinking cold ones to dull the pain of the cold.


I swapped in my longer lens to see how much range it has. I can zoom in on anything.


Time for the race! Hopefully, the cars will warm this place up. The concession stands were selling hot food and hot chocolate like you wouldn’t believe.


It was a good race. Near record cautions. Some good bumping. However, my man didn’t win so boo hoo. Time to head back to Colorado tomorrow — where I can get warm again!