Bristol: Snowball Fights

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I came out to Tennessee this weekend to meet my Dad to go the best track in NASCAR — Bristol. I haven’t been here since 2003. This was my first “spring” race at Bristol. They call it the spring race because they race in here in August and that one is the “fall” race. Its not really that “fall” — its usually hot as hell. So what do I get for spring? Cold as hell. We woke up this morning and opened the motel curtains and it was snowing!

They kept predicting it would clear up so we went over to the track so we could be ready for action. Unfortunately, it started snowing harder.


Finally, the weather cleared for a bit and it was time to race. Thank god for jet dryers. Might have needed snow plows.


However, after about 30 laps, the snow returned. We ran out of our seats and down to a more dry place. We knew it might snow for 30-60 minutes and then it would take 90 minutes to clear the track again. We decided to head back to the motel and watch the rest, if any, on TV.


They ended up restarting the race and finishing the whole thing. Prior to the restart, they had snowball fights on pit row! Crazy.

Tomorrow is the cup race and better weather is predicted. We will see!