Getting Fat Again

A Day in the Life3 Comments

Man, hurry up spring. I stepped on the scale yesterday for the first time in a while and I am up 20+ pounds from my lowest low during my diet crazy. I was within 10 pounds of that at the end of last running season. I gained weight over the summer — which I figured was muscle mass. However, over the winter…its just fat since I don’t exercise…much…ok, ever.

Thanks to B2, I am addicted to these damn grasshopper cookies. Those geniuses at the Keebler company made a better Girl Scount thin mint — and you can buy it year round! They deserve some type of award for that one. However, I am eating them by the sleeve and its going right to my gut.

My new nutrition enhancement is these new Fuze drinks. They have vitamins and other good stuff in them to help you shed the pounds — and they taste like liquid crack. Oh, the cranberry raspberry is so good.


Time to hit the treadmill to get moving. I need some warm days with some warm air so I can get outside and run my ass…I mean gut…off.