Korn @ Magness Arena

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Snowy night in Denver. Sat in traffic forever to get into the arena. Magness Arena, do something about the parking! Anyway, I made it in just as Mudvayne was finishing up. Move forward.

The mic stand is unveiled. Crowd loves it.


They played a few classics with the curtains right around the drums. Then they opened up and showed a big video screen an 5 other guys in the back in animal masks playing drums, guitar, keyboards, and doing background vocals. That was a new twist.


As always, the bag pipes come out!


The pits were pretty harsh. A few big dudes were really mixing it up. Lots catapults with dudes nailing each other.


Near the end, I got off the floor and when up to the top level to take a breather.


They did an encore so I came back down and grabbed a seat down low for the rest of the show.


More pictues if you care. The new, smaller Korn is as good as ever!