Snow Days

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Time for some snow! I haven’t even put gas in the snowblower here at home this year. So it was time to get the kids up into the snow. We do live in Colorado after all. Our friends, the Whites, invited us up to Steamboat for a few days. We stayed at a nice condo right on the side of … Read More

I Got Serious About Sirius

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After I left California, there was no more Howard Stern morning show for me. Here in Colorado, a bunch of advocacy groups got him thrown off years ago. I got my Dad a Sirius receiver for Christmas. He was a Howard Stern fan via the E! TV show. I don’t think he ever heard the show otherwise. I wanted one … Read More

Disturbed @ Fillmore / Denver, CO / 2006

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Disturbed was in town last night. The show was good, not great. Maybe it was me. I just didn’t feel like the band had that much energy. Maybe that is just their deal. Not sure. This lizard dude came out in between acts and was doing crazy stuff. Here he had this other guy throw darts in his back. It … Read More