A New Look

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Ever since our fish tank disaster, and our new replacement tank, I haven’t had any success growing good plants. I used to get lucky with a mix of stuff to get them to grow. However, in the new tank, nada.

So my wife spent about 100 hours googling about how to get them to grow and came to the decision that we had to spend money to make it happen. The first problem was the light. Since the tank is so deep, the light wasn’t reaching the plants. So she got me a big ass light that has multiple bulbs in it: daylight (sun), blue light, and lunar lights. They are on a timer so they simulate the real world outside. Then the next problem was our CO2 levels. I was only putting these fizz disks in each week. Not enough. So we opted for the fully automatic CO2 system. We know have a tank, regulator, bubble counter, reactor, pump, discharge, etc. all in the stand running the system. It monitors the pH level and when it gets too high, it runs the CO2 tank automatically. Its pretty cool.

We just got a delivery of plants and put them in. Still working on some of the layout but I needed to post the picture to show my fishy family what we go going. The picture might not do justice to everything we added but it gives you a sense.