You Caused It

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Had to go to the post office this morning. Yep, needed 2 cent stamps. I usually use for everything but I have to keep some old style stamps on hand for some of those pre-addressed envelopes.

Anyway, I am there to get my stamps and the line is pretty long. The elderly lady in front of me turns to me and says, “This line is really long. What is it? Christmas?”. I smiled and nodded. About this time, I look down and see that she has 39 cents out in change and one envelope. I am standing in line behind grandma here that needs one stamp to mail one letter. Buy a damn book, lady! Then you don’t have to stand in line each day. What a concept! Plus, they will pick these up at your house!

This must be her daily ritual — to go to the post office and talk with the desk agent to buy as many stamps as she needs for that day alone. Hell, I was behind here buying a dollar worth of 2 cent stamps. You know why the post office needs to raise rates? Because they lost money on me and the old lady this morning because we both tied up our agents for about a minute each. There should be a minimum order to talk to a human.