To Treo Or Not

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My cell phone contract was up back in November. Time for a new phone! But what to get. I have been delaying until the beginning of the year to see if CES produced anything worth waiting for. Nada.

So my plan was to stick with Cingular and get the new RAZR — this is the new new one with a mega-pixel phone and other new enhancements over the original. They don’t have it yet! Verizon has it. Should I switch? Then once I debated switching, I started looking at that Treo 700w. Now that looks like fun. I didn’t want the 650 (Palm version). I thought the Window Mobile stuff would be good because I could geek out and write some stuff that I find I need. So now Verizon seems inevitable because they have both phones I am between and Cingular has none. I suppose both companies are equally evil.

But should I go for the Treo? I don’t know if I want that brick in my pants. However, its slightly smaller than the phone I have now. I was hoping to go back to the days of a mini phone with the RAZR but maybe having all the Treo features makes it worth it.