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Prior to 2000-2001, I used to look at my stocks daily. Everything was fun in that market. They were giving money away. Since that time, we bought a house and I took a lot of money out of the market to finance that. But over the last few months, I have been re-energized and the market is one of my favorite topics of conversation again. I think my wife is getting sick of hearing about what happened each day. I think I have to go public with this obsession, so here I am.

Its been said that one of the worst thing to happen to investors was the Internet — because online trading takes away that phone call you have to make to explain to another human why you are buying 500 shares of some dumb ass company. If investors talked more, I think it would save some some and help others.

At the end of 2005, my former 401(k) got rolled over into an IRA so I am able to invest freely with a decent chunk of change now. So with everything in good positions, here is what I am starting 2006 with in alphabetical order.

AEP – Classic power company play. My Dad paid for a majority of my college with this stock. Still pays well. I buy more when its down. You don’t have to watch it closely.

DD – These guys have so many products with cool marketing names. I have had this position for a while. Hope it gets moving.

GME – Short term play on the gaming explosion in 2006 with 3 new systems coming out and games prices going up. You can get your games elsewhere but these stores are always full of the kids.

GOOG – They can do no wrong. I just want them to say they are going to split and this thing will go nuts.

GRMN – GPS is on fire but these guys are up and down. Might have been smarter to go to a lower level player but I like how these guys are hitting every segment.

HD – Have had this position for a while. Not moving that much lately. I think these home improvement guys need to figure out the next angle. They are still building more stores by me so growth is hot.

INTC – This is totally a sentimental play at this point. As soon as I buy a new PC with an AMD chip, this game is over. Intel can’t get anything going. AMD is beating them hands down. Damn.

MO – Waiting for the break up to occur because I want the international business for smokes! 65% of Asian men are smokers and Marboro just went to China. Ching!

MSFT – When they get knocked down, they get up and beat the crap out of everyone. With so many new products in 2006, its gotta move this up.

NUE – My original non-tech play. Best of breed steel play. Makes me feel diversified.

PG – Classic.

SBUX – The average customer spends $55+ there a month. You can’t buy stock in crack. This is the next best thing. Plus, moving into China.

TXN – HDTV upgrades. DLP rules.

UARM – My wardrobe is converting itself to have this logo on every time. The kids are eating it up. Sport players always have the logo showing in interviews. Nike, watch it.

VOLVY – Play on 2006 diesel truck upgrades prior to new emissions standards going into effect. My old man has a hand in the delivery of new trucks and he says they are cranking them out.

WFC – The bank I love to hate. Finance might be hot in 2006 with the Fed rate hikes over.

WFMI – Have you been in this store? Its crazy busy by us. Plus you spend 2-3x on groceries over Safeway. Make me rich and healthy.

WMT – World’s largest retailer continues to grow and kill anything in its path. You can’t stop this machine. Now they have perked up some stores so they don’t look like Soviet department stores anymore because of the newly acquired Target execs.

Let’s discuss these and what you have. What are we missing? I was thinking it would be cool to have a small community web site where you and your friends could discuss your picks. The big stock message boards are no good for that. Let me know if you are interested.