Free Dessert

A Day in the Life1 Comment

My wife demanded that I take the kids out for diner by myself last night. So we went over to Red Robin. Its normally successful there. I enjoy taking the kids out but I always get looks from folks. Our table looks like some kind of madness going on with this helpless father trying to keep everyone happy. 2 woman … Read More

Getting High

Adventures4 Comments

I screwed this one up. I let my wife use the video camera to record me — however when I was done I realized I should have taken it with me! There was more to see up high than down low. Got a great view of the town and everything around. Oh well. The other fun part — making your … Read More

Remote Bugs

Work1 Comment

As part of my job, I get to work with customers — when stuff isn’t going right. For MeetingPlace, I am the last line of defense. You can escalate no further. So usually when the case gets to me, its not good. Today, we had a classic case. Over the years, we have had trouble when our application runs on … Read More


A Day in the Life1 Comment

Do I have this correct? While Saddam was the President of Iraq in the 1980s, some people tried to kill him. Not a huge surprise there. Now at his trial, the people that apparently had tried to kill him are testifying because Saddam did bad things to them after their assassination attempt failed? I may have to go out a … Read More


Geek1 Comment

With HD DVD around the corner, I have been working it in as a thought during any electronics purchases. Will I have to change something in a year? Should I wait on this purchase? I have been glossing over this HDCP discussion lately but then last night it finally caught my eye. Now I have the understanding that my HDTV … Read More