Not Lost Anymore On Lost

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We are finally caught up on Lost. As mentioned, after hearing all the hype, I had to see what this was about. What was interesting was the mulitple ways that we had to acquire the show. First, we watched season 1 on DVD. Its crazy when you see all the TV shows that are coming out on DVD. While at … Read More

Not The Best Buy

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A new Best Buy opened by our home. This others are about 25 minutes drive so it usually keeps me from going there too often. Good thing for my wallet. Well, last night we went to the new one to check out some Christmas gifts. I had done all my research online and had the Amazon prices in the back … Read More

Stay With eBay?

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I am struggling with one stock in my portfolio: eBay. eBay has been a great stock but is there still more room left? Cramer has been advocating selling it. I am wondering if that is a good call or not. eBay got where it is based on lots of good work but I think its mostly marketing and not technology-based. … Read More

Location Location Location

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When Cisco acquired Latitude, I signed on the dotted line for at least two years at Cisco in exchange for some undisclosed lovin’. That 2 years is up this coming January and it seems like my inbox is aware of this. In the last week, I received several interesting job prospects. These are not just “we are hiring”, but more … Read More

Random Crap

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What is wrong with me? I can’t find the energy to get my blog on that much anymore. By the time the day is over, I don’t want to deal with writing it all up I guess. Or maybe its just that I want to get off the computer after a long day at work. Oh well. So things I … Read More