Wild in Puerto Vallarta

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Our puerto vallarta activities will surely make you experience nature’s finest treats!

Well, I am a bad blogger. Last year, I posted pictures from Cabo every day to help those dreary winter days back home. Time for this year’s trip and I got lazy and didn’t post a single thing. That means you get it all at once. Here is the tour of Puerto Vallarta.

If you don’t know where Vallarta is — its on the Pacific side of Mexico about half way down the coast. We arrived and the temperature was about 90. That’s a good start. We ate breakfast on our patio most mornings — hence, the morning view.


We stayed at Velas Vallarta. It was one of the better places that I saw there. Good accomodations except we got there during the busiest week of the year and they were out of king beds. I don’t know about you but having 2 single beds on vacation isn’t my idea of a great time. Out the back of the hotel, you could see how far Vallarta stretched back. The town is home to about 350,000 folks.


Most — well, every — day was spent near the pool for the majority of the day. Sydney was learning to swim so that was her favorite place to be. Had some of the same bullshit with the all the pool chairs being taken by towels before the sun came up. However, this year we sent down our secret weapon, Herb, early in the morning to get it for us.


The beach in Vallarta isn’t as good as some of the othes I have been to. The water tends to churn a lot so there is a lot of sand in the water making it look dirty most of the time. Lots of rocks also so it isn’t great for swimming. There always seems to be a correlation between the quality of the pool to the beach. If the pool is good, the swimming at the beach usually isn’t. And vice versa.


Looking down towards the downtown area. The cruise boats would come in each morning and park in the middle of the bay.


We went downtown to the Malecon (waterfront walkway) most evenings. I didn’t get too many photos down there but we did stop in at one church which was one of the older things to see in the area.


This random statue was outside the church. Is this priest Father Fonzi?


Other evenings, we would head over to the marina by our hotel. Its getting nearly impossible to get all 3 girls to smile at once. However, a rare shot captured.


The Mexican guys walk around on the beach in white shirts selling random goods to everyone. Hey, here is one — no wait, that’s my Dad.


Sydney required that I build a sand castle with her. I started with a cheap wall formation and then found myself trying to reinforce because the waves were beating it down too quickly.


Afterwards, a dream finally came true — I got to make out with a hot chick on the beach!


For my birthday, my folks suited me up and made me fly 20 stories up in the area with a rope around my ass. It was actually about the most relaxing thing I have ever done. You just sit there and hang out. If you ever wanted to be Superman, this is as close as you can humanly get.


The highlight of our trip was convincing my parents that they needed to get out of the country and come to Mexico with us. It took them a few days to get acclimated but soon after they were fitting right in.


Final sunset in Vallarta before we head home. We got a new camera before the trip so I am trying to figure out all the damn modes so I can take some quality shots for you all.


See you again Mexico — soon I hope.