Stay With eBay?

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I am struggling with one stock in my portfolio: eBay. eBay has been a great stock but is there still more room left? Cramer has been advocating selling it. I am wondering if that is a good call or not. eBay got where it is based on lots of good work but I think its mostly marketing and not technology-based. Joel mentioned this the other day.

Now, I thought the Skype purchase was interesting. I kept waking up each morning waiting for Cisco to buy Skype. I wasn’t quite sure why we had to have it but I knew we can’t let it fall into the wrong hands. However, I can’t figure out what eBay is going to do with it. So either it is brilliant or it is stupid.

There have also been rumors of an eBay killer coming out of Google Amazon tried to beat eBay but had their asses handed to them. eBay is all about community and you want to sell in the biggest community to get the most bucks. Its going to be hard to top that one — even with Google stepping in.

So I am starting to think eBay has topped out for now and there are bigger fish in the sea.