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When Cisco acquired Latitude, I signed on the dotted line for at least two years at Cisco in exchange for some undisclosed lovin’. That 2 years is up this coming January and it seems like my inbox is aware of this. In the last week, I received several interesting job prospects. These are not just “we are hiring”, but more like “we know of you and we want you”. Some of the opportunities were quite compelling. Some were with competitors. Others were with exciting start-ups. However, every single one always fails the test at question number 1 — Do I have to move? Yes? Thanks for nothing.

Maybe I am warped but after 4+ years of telecommuting I sort of wonder what an office would be like again. Some days it would be good but other days it is better to be alone and focused. I get too much done. I remember the old days of constant interruptions and sitting in meeting rooms all day and then spending the evening doing your day job. Maybe that has become the norm now but I far prefer to do my day job during the day and use my evening for extra credit.

I give Cisco credit for walking the talk. The corporate motto is some line about using the Internet to change your life. Well, it has mine for the better. And on days when my ISP has something wrong and I am disconnected, its a quiet day in my office. My connection is my lifeline and somewhere in the network Cisco makes that possible.

However, I continue feel some mix of depression and frustration and motivation when Cisco remains stagnant, at least in the face of the market. The other night Cramer (once again) said Cisco was flat-lined. Bitch. I hate hearing the truth. It feels like there is good progress — that is always what management (anywhere) tells you. In a company of this size, it so hard to know. Insiders are on the outside because we are in the forest. Make sense?

So back to my original title for this post. Is location everything? Everyone seems to think so. Companies (other than Cisco) seem to think you need to be at their location. I think location is everything because I want to stay in mine. Different side of the coin I suppose.