Wild in Puerto Vallarta

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Our puerto vallarta activities will surely make you experience nature’s finest treats! Well, I am a bad blogger. Last year, I posted pictures from Cabo every day to help those dreary winter days back home. Time for this year’s trip and I got lazy and didn’t post a single thing. That means you get it all at once. Here is … Read More

Pimping Out My Family

A Day in the Life3 Comments

I have been seeing more and more bucks come through on AdSense lately so I decided to sellout my family members and put AdSense on their blogs to. Hey, if they want me to provide around here, then don’t question my income tactics!

Kicking Dumb Fat People While They Are Down

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My hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana, seems to be constantly under the microscope lately. They have been ranked as fat, and then stupid in Men’s Health. Now, in yet another meaningless poll, they have been ranked as limp. This is definitely something that we all needed to know. I am still trying to figure out if a low rating here … Read More