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I had the pleasure of attending another part of the public process in the LifeBridge saga. If you recall, this is the deal where they are building a “church city” behind our community.

LifeBridge is going through a new round of rezoning because they have made some major changes to the plan which require starting over in essence.

About 20 neighbors showed up, including me, and took our turn at the microphone describing the impact or concerns we had with the project. Some did well. Others gave passionate pleas about quality of life which never go over well. As far as I know, there are no laws around “quality of life” directly. You have to come up with technical arguments about damages that can be fought with the law.

Mincing words for a moment — the church made some statement about how “God will be honored by this project”. How do they know that? Oh, they just know I guess. I recall some things in the Bible where Jesus wasn’t too fond of these types of large structures with markets and other things at the church. But hey, he was just the crazy son.


Here is a map published in the local paper that shows the amount of property that is being built on for this project.


Prior to our item on the agenda, another applicant was there arguing for the ability to build some sort of chicken coup farm thing on his property. Well, it turned out it wasn’t his property — it was his parent’s. I believe he lived there at one time. But unfortunately, he was claiming “home business” and its not when you don’t live there. Strike one. Then some of the neighbors got up and complained. One guy said his wife is suffering from health problems from the existing chicken coups and more would just aggravate it more. He claimed that his wife had to sleep in a chair sitting up? Has anyone heard of that? Seemed odd. Later we found out that this neighbor used to work for the chicken folks but was terminated. Hmm. Grudge? I don’t know. Just entertaining to watch. The planning commission ended up denying the request.