Nurse Food

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This is what $241 worth of Halloween candy looks like in the back of a rental car. I always go to Wal-Mart and buy a ton of Halloween candy and take it to the nurses at the AACVPR conference. They all complain that it is not healthy but they eat it all in 2 days!


A Day in the Life4 Comments

Anyone else watching Mad Money? I love that show! Disclaimer: I have yet to make any trades based on things but it has helped me get some new ideas about areas I should be looking into. I always seem to gravitate back towards my comfort zone – tech stocks!

Holy Rubber Stamp

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I had the pleasure of attending another part of the public process in the LifeBridge saga. If you recall, this is the deal where they are building a “church city” behind our community. LifeBridge is going through a new round of rezoning because they have made some major changes to the plan which require starting over in essence. About 20 … Read More