Happy and Sore

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Today was our 2nd big volunteer day in our community. The goal of the day was to redress all the drainage ditches that we tore up over the summer — about 10 in total. We always put out a call for volunteers. Last time we had about a dozen people. This time we only had 2 RSVPs. So I started … Read More

Another Dirty Evening

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I spent my late afternoon and evening digging out another ditch with my hired help. It was a mucky nightmare. The smell is awful and it doesn’t go away — it gets in your head and in your throat and you smell it even after a shower and food. This ditch was all backed up under the street with 12″ … Read More

Howdy Neighbor

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I skim the local paper every morning during my #2 break. I glanced over a bunch of articles about Katrina and then saw one in the local news where some kid was shot. Doesn’t happen that often around here but I didn’t finish the story because I was done. Then I am out for a jog and I saw a … Read More


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Every September, my wife takes the kids and goes back to Indiana for a few weeks. So, this morning I dropped them off at the airport. The house is now eerily quiet. No screaming or yelling. No TV shows blaring. Nice and quiet. Time to crank up some Metallica and get some shit done!

Its A Mystery

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We are in the process of pulling about 70 dead trees in the neighborhood this week. After pulling them out and taking a look, we still can’t figure out why many of them died — Not!