Lived Strong: Richard A. Bruck

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RICHARD A. BRUCK, 69, died Friday, Sept. 16, 2005, at Applewood Health & Rehab Center, Fort Wayne. Born in Fort Wayne, he was a school teacher for many years. He attended Indiana University and majored in English and was editor of the daily student newspaper. He enjoyed music and theater, and he was a member of Cathedral Of The Immaculate … Read More

If There Is A God, He Hates You

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So for all those people that migrated out of New Orleans and went to Houston, get the hell out of Houston! Somebody really doesn’t like you and is coming to get you wherever you are. I thought the mafia was cruel but the mafia is no match for these hurricanes. Mutha Nature is coming for you. We better get some … Read More

Green Day: Jesus of Suburbia

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Its been awhile! No good shows have come to Denver for a while. Tonight, Green Day was here. All alone so let’s go! I parked and went through 3 ticket guys before I got a hold of a floor ticket for $10 over face value. So if you count all the Ticketmaster charges, I came out ahead — especially because … Read More

Flat Spot

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On the list of chores today during my 2 weeks of bachelorhood was to exercise the ATVs. I really wanted to go ride in the hills but after all my rolls in the past few years, I am less excited about doing anything solo anymore. Once you get in a position where you are stuck and no one is there … Read More