Boulder Backroads 2005

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Distance 13.1 miles
Time 1:55:31 (PR)
Pace 8:49
Number of Runners 2000

I woke up at about 5:45, showered off, feed the dogs and left the house. It was dark out and it was drizzling rain. Nobody was on the streets. Who gets up this early on a Sunday in the rain? Runners!

When I hit Boulder Reservoir, there were taillights for miles. Me and 2200+ other runners had been waiting for this morning. The start of the 2005 Nike Boulder Backroads!

The race offers a marathon and half-marathon through some country backroads going out of Boulder. My 13.1-mile half-marathon started at about 8:10 AM. It was chilly out so I had to wear some sweats and strip down right before the race.

The first mile was a goofy one as everyone that started was trying to figure out the pace and get to the right spot. Those that were too slow and started up front falling back, and those that came late and were fast dashing up through the crowd. After about the first mile, things started to settle in and the race was underway.

I drank tons of water the night before and then one large bottle on the way to the race. I peed 3 times before the start and when I hit mile 4 with port-o-johns that were empty…I dashed in and out of one like Superman changing in a phone booth. I caught back up to the folks I was near before the pit stop so it was OK.

I started watching my mile splits on my watch. Started out that first mile at 9+ minutes because of the congestion. Then they kept dropping. Started getting down to the low 8s.


The race is an out and back so at some point you start seeing the leaders looping back on you. All of sudden, here they came. They were moving! I couldn’t have turned around right there in the street and kept up with them. Geez. I hit the leaders with about 2 miles till the turn. At the turn, they had a great supply station with Accelerade, water, oranges, Jolly Ranchers and Clif Shots. Trying to keep moving, I grabbed a drink and a Clif Shot and kept going. Opened it…Yuck!…Cola-flavor. Toss it.

As the miles started ticking down, I kept a good pace. I started adding it up. Could I get done in under 2 hours? Hadn’t done this before so that seemed like a noble goal.

As I came across mile marker 11, I had to go pee again. Damn. This bladder. Jumped in the port-o-john again for about 15 seconds but when I came out my legs (specifically my thighs) were uninterested in starting up again. C’mon. 15 seconds and they start freezing up. It hurt to get them rolling again but I pushed through. Mile marker 12 was a beautiful site because at this point, I was really thinking about the end. The rest of the race till this point was good fun. I was trying to push it a bit harder to get to the end but a check of the watch showed I had about 9 minutes to get the last 1.1 miles in. Should be good and I can’t go faster.


Crossed the finish line at 1 hour, 55 minutes, 09 seconds by my watch. Official times still not posted and I didn’t wait around at the race to get them. That should put me somewhere from 1/3 to 1/2 through the pack for my age group in the finishing order based on last year’s results.

My legs have been shaky since getting home but I feel good otherwise. I developed yet another blister on my other foot during the run even though I had taken precautions. Guess I can’t run tomorrow. Darn! 😉

UPDATE: Results have been posted. I was 65th out of 139 for the 30-34 Men’s age group with an official time of 1:55:31. I wait to start my watch until I got to go under the tower at the start line, which took about 20 seconds. That put me as #595 out of 2074 with a pace of 8:49. Man, if I can get that pace down next summer, its fairly easy to move a few hundred spots forward.