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With the house nice and quiet, the dogs are getting bored out of their minds. No kids here to chase them around. So today, I was a nice Dad and took them to the Dog Park. Hadn’t been there…well, it was before we had kids and the dogs were the children.

I wanted to just lay down on one of the benches and nap. Go play! 2 minutes later, I open my eyes and all the dogs in the park are surrounding my bench because my dogs are there and haven’t went out to check things out.

Then I look for Wyatt and he is off just a few feet trying to get poop out. He has had bowel trouble his whole life so its not irregular for him to be trying to push one of for a few minutes. But then I notice he has a big boner sticking out. Nice. I don’t think that pose is going to get the ladies at the dog park, Wyatt.