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Screw you, Band-Aid brand people.

2005-09-23 -- Ouch

Been training this week. Running further and further for Sunday’s race. All of a sudden a blister pops up. First one all summer of running. So I asked my marathon buddy and he said to lance it and put some moleskin over it. So I went to the store and bought some. But right next to it on the shelf they had this blister remover stuff. Always ready for the quick fix — I bought it. Came home and put this band-aid looking thing on my blister and went to bed.

Woke up in the morning and something felt weird. I pulled off the band-aid and I see this larger wound. Its like a big spot that was burnt. It hurts to walk when pressure gets on it. The skin was litterally burnt away. Sure the blister is gone but now I can’t walk. It hurts. How the hell am I going to run? Putting it in water hurts also.

Hopefully, 48 hours and it will heal up enough to cover and run.