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I need one. Been working hard. Its coming. But I noticed Bush is on a 5 week vacation in Texas. Hey, again, I am all for vacation. And I am sure we have great technology that can get you hooked up on the farm in Texas. But when you are in the middle of a WAR ON TERROR…do you really … Read More

Don’t Try Anything Different

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We were socializing with the neighbors and they were all talking about how their kids go to bed early. Our goes to bed late. Sydney just wakes up from her nap at 5 or 6pm every now and then. These other kids are getting ready for bed. So yesterday, Sydney didn’t take a nap and was tired early. She took … Read More

Road Bike Blues

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Some combination of the Tour de France and my increased jogging schedule for the summer had me wanting a road bike. I have increased my mileage this summer but my legs are definitely paying for it. I feel good 4 out of 5 runs but some of them just are painful. Its just a knee popping or some other joint. … Read More

Where Have You Been

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The last 3 months have been a blur for me. After Reagan’s birth, I was taken off a new project that was just getting underway to go off and fix a bigger problem. With MeetingPlace being adopted by a bigger customer base at Cisco, the bugs/issues/enchancements started rolling in. Nobody seemed to be paying attention for a while then suddenly, … Read More