Do Over

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I was holding back these pictures until after my parents came to visit. Figured we would leave it as a surprise. Let me explain.

My Dad has a passion for zoysia grass. If you aren’t familiar, zoysia is an Asian grass that grows into an incredibly thick and green turf. It requires little water as compared to bluegrass. It like its very hot — like over 65 at night and in the 90s to 100s in the day. The hard part about growing it is that you can’t seed it, you can only sod it.

So when it was time to landscape my first home, I decided to give it a try out here in Colorado. My Dad has had success growing in Indiana but his yard has been growing for about 20 years now. And the last 10 or so have had very little foot traffic because the kids are gone. Anyway, it looks great.

Well, our zoysia started out well but then started deteriorating each year. For zoysia, our growing season is really short. It wasn’t warm enough at night until mid-June and then we normally get one quick cold spell in early September and that puts it to bed for the winter. We commonly have Indian summers here so its warm into November but the zoysia just gets confused. So the short season combined with some acidic soil and some very active dogs, just didn’t give us good growing conditions. The yard was slowly going back to dirt and we had to do something.

Kim was already planning some new landscaping projects. Basically, changing all the things she didn’t like and putting in some improvements that we hadn’t seen before we landscaped the first time.

So the project is on. Everything is now torn out and the work to get it back to beautiful is on. Lots of cool enhancements on the way.