I Hate Today

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I hate August 31st. Or maybe I hate September 1st. Well, one or the other. Both are depressing. It means summer is over. September is so “Fall”. I hate Fall. Fall means its just going to get colder and darker earlier day by day. I enjoy the heat. I tolerate the cold by skiing when I can.

Water Sucks

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Note to self — never move to a place that can be underwater by tomorrow morning. That would suck. Good luck, Louisiana.

Mediate Me

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Yesterday, I had the privilege of participating in my first mediation. This is another “perk” of the HOA job. We have a large lawsuit pending and normally the parties in such lawsuits will try and meet to arrange a settlement so that you don’t have to go to court. Trials are expensive and time consuming and they take over your … Read More

Do Over

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I was holding back these pictures until after my parents came to visit. Figured we would leave it as a surprise. Let me explain. My Dad has a passion for zoysia grass. If you aren’t familiar, zoysia is an Asian grass that grows into an incredibly thick and green turf. It requires little water as compared to bluegrass. It like … Read More