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I have read enough posts and gotten a few emails from friends that said “You gotta put Google ads on your blog”. So I finally did it 2 weeks ago. Its a very simple process but I have found the ad selection to be amazing and amusing. If you aren’t aware, the ads are done on a page by page basis based on the content of the page. Its not like the old days where you had to literally target specific ads, Google does it for you. Let’s see how it goes.

So I had that post on Tom Cruise. It was a one liner and Google put up some ads about celebrity gossip stuff. Not bad. Then eburke posts a comment about the Daily Show on that post and the ads suddenly turned to ones for buying the Daily Show book, DVDs, and other stuff related to the show. Wow. That was pretty cool.

For the amusing side of it, I had the post on a guy that died in the sludge pond. You may recall. Well, that page is showing ads for OSHA safety videos and materials. How appropriate.

Anyway, so after 2 weeks I have netted a whooping $15 in ad revenue. Oh, sure that isn’t much but it is a few burritos or the run rate may pan out to pay for my web hosting on a monthly basis. Plus, I don’t find the ads annoying. Maybe you do? Let me know how AdSense is working for you. I heard there are some secrets to getting better CPM rates.