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“Sleeping” with kids, committing lude acts with kids, and giving alcohol to kids is OK…at least in Santa Barbara County. I am not buying it. The older I get the more I start to believe “where there is smoke, there is fire”. Jackson continually put himself in crazy situations. I can’t believe they couldn’t get him on any of it. … Read More

Sucking On A New Pipe

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If you recall, I was having some quality issues with Vonage. Things seemed to get better — or maybe they really didn’t. We don’t use our home phone that often so its hard to get a good sample set. But the other day I heard Kim repeating things and people telling her that they couldn’t understand. Enough is enough. Now, … Read More

Urgent Care

A Day in the Life4 Comments

I was changing the water in my fish tank this morning. Almost done and I was closing the lid. It slipped and slammed down on my hand. Ouch. Would have been ok except the case for the light fixture that is mounted on the lid is razor sharp. It went right into my knuckle and sliced the skin to the … Read More