Evil Google Desktop Search

Geek7 Comments

Yeah, you read it correctly. 2 Google issues in one week. However, this one is killing my product.

After lots of debugging, I finally got this down to exactly what call was hanging me up. Basically, IE would go to 100% CPU usage upon this one LiveConnect call. Hmm. I used Google (argh) to search the net and ended up stumbling on this forums post. This guy has the same problem as me! Yipee…but is there a solution. As I read through, he notes that he turned off Google Desktop Search and the problem went away. Could it be that simple? I tried and it worked! Problem solved…not really.

Now, everyone in the world that has Google Desktop Search and a specific JVM version may have trouble with my product. Oh that’s great news. Not. So we are putting some calls into Google to see if they can fix this up for us. Here is your chance, guys! If not, I may go over to the Y! side permanently, eburke.

UPDATE: A friend that works at Google got this escalated and it is now fixed. Thanks, Google. Guess you have to know someone…