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There is a documentary coming out on some Hummers offroading in Moab. Watch the trailer — it will either make your heart thump or your pants wet.

Radon Relief Is Here

A Day in the Life8 Comments

As you might have read, we tested high for radon. On Thursday, we had Environmental Radon Control, Inc. come out and install an “active radon reduction system” — which is a fancy word for a pipe and a fan. It starts by drilling a 4″ hole down through the slab and then fitting a 4″ piece of PVC down into … Read More

Still Married

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Today is our 6th anniversary. Kim sums it all up so I don’t have to. In the words of my father, “Get divorced and re-marry? It would take me too much time and effort to train another one!”

Man Dies in a Pool of Feces

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This isn’t supposed to be funny. I tend to try to make light of death. Sometimes the irony helps soften the shock that we all will go eventually. Maybe not. So there is a dairy farm across the road from our sub-division. They are always moving hay and stuff around with this big backhoe. Well today, we were driving out … Read More