Dirty Work

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We have been working on a community project for the HOA to rid many of the places where we have standing water. Our county has led the nation at times in West Nile cases so we take mosquitoes pretty seriously. At the end of my street is the worst ditch in the neighborhood. It has started to develop cattails and … Read More

Water Woes

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Some background…in our neighborhood, we get our water from a ditch. The ditch is a big deal. It feeds homes, farms, etc. for hundreds of miles. Its run like a company with shares of stock. Instead of dividends, you get water. So if you buy these shares, you get to take water out of the ditch at some percentage equal … Read More

I Love Stats

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I was looking over my personal web site stats and noticed that the number on search term that people use to get to my site is…well, see for yourself. reqs: search term —–: ———– 11115: god 9860: bad_pool_caller 6273: itunes plugins 4924: itunes plugin 4394: hummer 3168: pee 1918: nascar 1879: iomdisk.sys 1766: pee pee 1501: sexy woman 1412: not … Read More

Web Server Down

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My web server went down today due to some random permission error. Seems a few key files had their ownership changed and nothing would startup. It took me 4 hours to get the ticket escalated so it got fixed. I hate when something like this happens. Annoying.

Mac OS X Tiger Screws Up My Videos

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After upgrading my wife’s iMac to Tiger this last week, I went and made a few more movies to post using iMovie. They looked good on the Mac. I never thought to test them on Windows. Today, my sister e-mails me and asks what is wrong with the movies. When you watch them on Windows, you either get audio and … Read More