Kill Me Now

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Had multiple people asking me what I have been up to lately since I have dropped the blogging ball so to speak. Too many things going on especially with the HOA right now. Today, I got an early morning call — I have a lake developing behind my house! Shit. So I go over there and sure enough there is … Read More

I Would Not Want Your Job

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Nearly 8 of 10 conversations that I have with neighbors these days starts out with “I Would Not Want Your Job”. My “job” is this HOA stuff that they run scared from. Then they usually proceed to tell me how it should be done — well, not all of them. Lots have good questions that make me think about how … Read More


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Late Friday night, I started getting e-mails about homeowners having low water pressure. I figured they were full of it or the open space behind them was being watered. Let’s wait till morning. At 6 AM, I get a call from the pump master indicating that we lost the bigger of the 2 pumps that powers our community’s irrigation water. … Read More


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DIRECTV finally got my approvals so they were able to light up CBS and FOX out of LA for me. So now I have those 2 networks in HD baby. I can’t get the Denver locals over the air here because they only broadcast right downtown currently. 24’s season finale is on Monday night and I have HD now. Yippee. … Read More

Army Crawl

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Well, remember that nasty drainage hole…we needed to get the dirt out of it. What to do? Not too many people in that business. So we ended up getting 150′ of fire hose. We hooked it up to the nearby hydrant and pressurized. Took off the drain grates on both sides and in we went. Mike and I took turns … Read More