iMac Dies

Geek7 Comments

Damn. My wife comes in to my office this morning and tells me her iMac will not work. WTF? Now what did she do? So I go out there and boot it up and as soon as it hits the desktop, it turns off. Like someone cut the power. So I tried it a few times and kept getting the same result. Sometimes it only gets to the grey screen with the Apple logo before turning off.

I am no Mac troubleshooter so I call their support line over my lunch hour. They had me try a few things like booting holding Shift. Then they had me run the hardware test thing off of a CD (which took 45 minutes) and it said everything passed.

Next step was to take the back cover off and push this little “power management reset” button. No dice.

Then comes the news, “Sir, you will have to take this into an authorized Apple repair center.” Damn it. Today is Tuesday. This kind of crap can only happen on Mondays.

I have search around but haven’t found any quick fix to the issue. Some folks have been complaining about a bad power supply in the iMacs but they never say if they come on and then turn off like mine or just never turn on at all.

All computers are the same when they don’t work…