ABC and NBC Can Suck It

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After getting HD through DIRECTV, I called them asked if I could get the Fox HD feed. They said they would apply for me to get all the major networks. CBS and Fox were turned on a few days back. But I finally got a postcard in the mail the other day that told me they had granted my request. But to my dismay, ABC and NBC denied my request. Punks. Why? Has anybody in any market been able to get ABC or NBC LA or NY through DIRECTV? I am wondering if this is a national stance or its some local general manager being pissy. I don’t watch a lot on ABC or NBC anymore but the NBA Finals are coming up on ABC in HD and I would like to see that.

I will also be super major bumbed on July 4th, when NASCAR goes to NBC instead of FOX. I watched the Coca-Cola 600 in HD last night. Once you go HD, you can’t go back! I came upstairs to catch part of it while doing something and the screen just looks blurry. You can read every decal on the cars in HD. Its sweet. If you have an HDTV and you don’t have HD programming, invest and get it.

Another cool thing was we were able to flip between the standard definition broadcast of the Spurs game on ESPN to the same game on ESPN HD. What a difference.

Anyway, this is the postcard that you get back to tell you what channels you were granted. Let me know if anyone has ABC or NBC.