My Super Remote

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As mentioned, I got a good deal on a Philips Pronto remote through an employee discount plan at work. Otherwise, I might not have gotten this bad boy. But after getting it, I don’t know how you could live without it. It so nice to be able to program a remote control by using some software on your computer and then just downloading the program. Its a geeks dream but also a wife’s dream. I have one button for watching TV and one for watching a DVD. If you hit those, they do tons of things like — powering everything on, setting the video output modes, setting the sound fields, setting the aspect ratios, leveling the volume for that source, and getting you to a menu where you can do more. Here is the home page. I took a sample file from and went to work on it.


There are dozens of pages programmed. I have several pages of options for each component. Here is one of my favorites though. The “surf” page. You just tap the icon of the channel you want to watch and you are there. Its great.


Some future versions of this remote are going to have WiFi and will be able to show the program info right on the remote. That will be sweet…this one might accidentally get chewed on by the dog or something else plausible. Or eBay. Get one…you will love it!