Final Theater Component Installed

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My final theater component finally came in this week. Its a Yamaha DVD-S2500. I was having some trouble with my old $100+ Sony DVD player. It seemed to have a problem pushing the video signal on some DVDs through 24′ foot of component cable.

So I hooked up the new player and it solved the problem. Thank god. I connected this DVD player via HDMI (HDMI to a DVI cable). It looks nice! I set the DVD player to output 720p, which is my projector’s max resolution. The DVDs look slightly better than they do in normal 480i or 480p. Its hard to do a real comparison side to side because you have to change a bunch of settings.

Had to then reprogram my remote to work with this new DVD player and I was good to go. Not planning anymore upgrades. Just some good movie time.

The final rack photo — for now. 🙂