Kill Me Now

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Had multiple people asking me what I have been up to lately since I have dropped the blogging ball so to speak. Too many things going on especially with the HOA right now.

Today, I got an early morning call — I have a lake developing behind my house! Shit. So I go over there and sure enough there is water up to my knees. I got down into it and started feeling to find the source. After a few minutes I located it. There is a PVC T-connect in a 3″ irrigation line that has broken. The top of the T piece just blew off. I wonder if someone was digging here?

Anyway, so I ran home and got my wrenches and maps came back. I used the maps to locate the valves but 2 of the valves on the map were not there! The maps are plans — not “as built” diagrams. So I had to turn off irrigation water to more homes to get the flow to stop.

I called my irrigation guy and he is out of town today. Of course. So a few hours later, he and I came up with a plan to get things fixed by the end of the week and get the water restored to these homes.

That was my day, honey. How was yours?