Army Crawl

A Day in the Life2 Comments

Well, remember that nasty drainage hole…we needed to get the dirt out of it. What to do? Not too many people in that business. So we ended up getting 150′ of fire hose. We hooked it up to the nearby hydrant and pressurized. Took off the drain grates on both sides and in we went. Mike and I took turns working the dirt out with the hose. It wasn’t quite as much pressure as I thought but it start breaking the dirt free. You had to get the nozzle up close and aimed right into the heart of the section you were working on to get it to move. So I kept advancing towards the dirt as I was spraying. Crawling through the tube. Little by little I worked my way through that section and had all the dirt out of that section in about 30 minutes. Mike sat at the other end with a shovel and hoe and kept pulling the big stuff out of the end.

Next was the section that ran under the street. That section was much longer with much more dirt. I started into the pipe under the street and realized that I wasn’t going to be able to crawl through because the pipe wasn’t tall enough. So I ended up down on by belly army crawling my way in. Once you get about 5 or 6 body lengths through a tube like that, it gets a little freaky. Oh, and the sun started going down so all I had was my handy Mag-Lite to keep me going. The water as pretty cold. As I was laying on my stomach, it would rush back at me when it hit the big dirt wall.

I worked my way about 1/2 way across the street and by that time we had the rest of the pipe in front of me cleared out. There isn’t an ounce of dirt in there now. At the exit of the pipe, there is now an uphill wall of mud from under the street. Once the water evaporates, we will bring in the backhoe and scoop it out to finish this project.

Needless to say, my clothes were junk afterwards. I stripped in the garage and ran up stairs to shower. There are still rocks and pebbles coming out of my hair and I still can taste the smell of that pipe in the back of my throat. Yummy.