iMac Dies

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Damn. My wife comes in to my office this morning and tells me her iMac will not work. WTF? Now what did she do? So I go out there and boot it up and as soon as it hits the desktop, it turns off. Like someone cut the power. So I tried it a few times and kept getting the … Read More

ABC and NBC Can Suck It

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After getting HD through DIRECTV, I called them asked if I could get the Fox HD feed. They said they would apply for me to get all the major networks. CBS and Fox were turned on a few days back. But I finally got a postcard in the mail the other day that told me they had granted my request. … Read More


A Day in the Life2 Comments

We took the Coburns (my in-laws) for a little sightseeing today. They just wanted something tame but we will pretend it was a crazy offroad adventure so they can tell all their friends back home of their adventures. Anyway, I had to get gas on the way back and they were noting the good view of Denver. So I started … Read More

My Super Remote

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As mentioned, I got a good deal on a Philips Pronto remote through an employee discount plan at work. Otherwise, I might not have gotten this bad boy. But after getting it, I don’t know how you could live without it. It so nice to be able to program a remote control by using some software on your computer and … Read More

Final Theater Component Installed

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My final theater component finally came in this week. Its a Yamaha DVD-S2500. I was having some trouble with my old $100+ Sony DVD player. It seemed to have a problem pushing the video signal on some DVDs through 24′ foot of component cable. So I hooked up the new player and it solved the problem. Thank god. I connected … Read More