Projects Galore

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Well, project “birth” ended last weekend and now project “baby” has started. That is more of Mom’s gig though. In the meantime, I have been busting my butt on a ton of different things. todd was bugging me this morning about why I wasn’t blogging. Well, I was just busy. Oddly those are the days that the blogs are the best but I just didn’t want to sit down and formulate any thoughts. Guess we will have to catch up.

Back in March when I left town, we had a fish tank incident. We struggled to find a new one but didn’t so we decided to go the nice custom route that we always wanted to. So we had a custom tank built by Tenecor that fit our space perfectly. Its a 70 gallon acrylic. The stand and canopy are a black knock-down like texture. The filtration is all built into the tank so you have no hoses or wires dropping from the top down into the tank. The back of it looks like a crazy water filtration plant. Its against the wall so I can’t show it. I filled it by bringing the garden hose in the house. Gave it a few days to settle and then I added plants and a few Zebra Danios. Zebras can swim in piss and sewage and still deal. Anyway, now I have to slowly transport a few fish at a time from the old 1/3 full tank to the new one. Starting a new tank is a pain in the ass because there is this big cycle of nature that has to take place as bacteria builds.


Oh, yeah…and project basement is done. I have about 3 things left like hanging blinds and a minor (hopefully) plumbing issue. But its all usable. We watched part of The Incredibles the other night in the theater. Of course I had to “turn it down” because the baby was down there sleeping. Drat! Now that I have enough power to rock the world, I can’t. Still programming my Pronto a bit. The Pronto was so worth the money so far. I will post full pics of the theater soon with a description of the final setup. I just want to it nice and right. Probably this weekend…after a few more movies.