Projects Galore

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Well, project “birth” ended last weekend and now project “baby” has started. That is more of Mom’s gig though. In the meantime, I have been busting my butt on a ton of different things. todd was bugging me this morning about why I wasn’t blogging. Well, I was just busy. Oddly those are the days that the blogs are the … Read More

Back Home Again

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We were discharged from the hospital today. Probably could have left yesterday but they watch the baby while you sleep and you can’t beat that. Anyway, Reagan is home and doing fine.

Happy Hour Baby

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Nothing like having a baby on a Friday night! Kim went into labor early this morning and we checked into the hospital today around 3 PM. Hopefully, she cranks this one out so we aren’t up all night. But if that’s what it takes, that is what it takes. As with the last birth, I am blogging 2 feet from … Read More


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My wife and mother-in-law are out garage sale shopping. Today is the big neighborhood garage sale. Labor? Nah. It doesn’t hurt that bad I guess. It can wait. There is shopping to do! Women…

Wyatt And I Want To Sleep

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Dakota is up pacing around because she ate some crap and doesn’t feel good. And then every 8-10 minutes Kim keeps breathing real hard. Can’t a guy get some sleep? Oh, wait…maybe I better start looking for my keys. Nah. She can suffer here for a few more hours until I get my beauty rest.